Marten 450 Thermal Sight
Marten 450 Thermal Sight
Marten 450 Thermal Sight

Marten 450 Thermal Sight

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50 mm
400x300 px
17 µm
10 h
1024x768 px


Night Pearl MARTEN 450 is the first thermal sight in the shape of a riflescope developed by Night Pearl. Thanks to this mutual cooperation with suppliers, a unique thermal imaging device was created using the latest thermal imaging technology for hunting in all conditions, all with an extended 3-year warranty and post-warranty service in the Czech Republic.

Everything Marten Can Do



Technology for rendering the contours of the observed game.



Fast ballistic correction.



Automatic shutdown and sleep mode settings.


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MARTEN 450 advance thermal sight

Marten 420

Marten 430

Marten 450

Detection range (graph) 700 m 1 000 m
Magnification 1,6x (optical), 4x (digital) 2,3x (optical), 4x (digital) 3,2x (optical), 4x (digital)
Sensor resolution, core type 400x300 px 400x300 px 400x300 px
Core type Ceramic VOx, 17μm Ceramic VOx, 17μm Ceramic VOx, 17μm
Objective Ø 25 mm 35 mm 50 mm
Refresh rate 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Display type 1024x768 Pixel, OLED 1024x768 Pixel, OLED 1024x768 Pixel, OLED
Field of view 15.49°×11.65° 11.1°×8.33° 7.78°×5.84°
Field of view (m/100m) 27,2 x 20,4 19,4 x 14,6 13,6 x 10,2
Color palette 6 types 6 types 6 types
Shooting at different distances Yes Yes Yes
Storage 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
PIP Yes Yes Yes
Take photos / videos Yes Yes Yes
Operating temperature –20 °C to +55 °C –20 °C to +55 °C –20 °C to +55 °C
Operating time (t=25 °C) To 10 h To 10 h To 10 h
Dimensions (L, W, H), weight 367x107x69 mm, 930 g 367x107x69 mm, 940 g 377x107x69 mm, 950 g
Target detction (1,7 m) 700 m 1 000 m 1 400 m
Maximum recommended caliber .30-06 Springfield .30-06 Springfield .30-06 Springfield
Start-up time
Warranty 36 months 36 months 36 months
App support Yes Yes Yes

What is included in the packing?
- the thermal camera Marten 450
- weaver mounting
- rechargeable Night Pearl batteries (2 pcs)
- charger for Night Pearl batteries
- charging cable a UK plug
- data cable mini HDMI to USB
- thermal heating pads for zeroing
- manual

Service center in UK (Grays)

Warranty 36 months 

for more info contact: 07771 602192 or

Customers said


Quality product, I can recommend

James Brook

SEER attachment shoots where I ant it to. Very satisfied.

Rob Wade

I bought a SEER thermal attachment last year at a local exhibition and I cannot complain. Absolutely satisfied!

John Smith

I have the new Marten 430, wonderful device. Great image and easy to use it.

Joshua Emms

Legend Jake thank you. I’ll return these as soon as I receive the two new ones. Thank you
Great service


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